Loose rear seat?

Rear seat hinge/latch is slightly loose so when passenger leans back it moves slightly and makes a noise. The video shows the sound better than i can describe. Not a big deal but slightly annoying.

I read something about someone else with this issue but can't find it now, thought it might be on this forum. I'm wondering who else has this issue and what they've done about it- self fix or any luck taking it to the dealer.

Southwest Ohio
'19 CX-5 diesel
The rear seats in my signature trim have 2 positions. Is yours the same? Try both positions if so.
'20 CX-5 Signature
I tried this in mine last night and mine does have a little give (only on the right hand side like yours) but it doesn't make that sound. But like HyFlyer said, one the seat is in place you can push the seat release down and push the seat another 4 degrees back to recline it even more. I noticed this when I first got my car and the seats weren't lined up in the back.

Ah, I forgot about the leaned back position, but just tried it and confirmed its loose and makes the sound in both positions


2020 AWD GS Montreal Canada
I just posted on another thread about this problem. I noticed looking from the cargo area that the latch is not exactly centered like on the passenger side. I may hit it gently with a hammer or mallet as I tried wrapping black electrical tape around it (it worked on another car years ago) but it wouldn't latch anymore.