Loose Center Arm Rest

My daughter's 2015 Mazda 3 developed a loose/wobbly arm rest. Found out there is a pin that can work itself loose and come out from repeated opening/closing. Easy fix, sit in the back seat and remove the rear cover to the center console. There are 2 pins, one on each side. It is easy to see the loose pin, just push it back in. Easy fix in 2 minutes.
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
Thanks for the tip. I typically open and close my center console lid about 5 times per week, on average. So far, so good.
If the pin is not intended to rotate and it is metal into metal, a dab of Loctite 609 (green) on the pin will keep it in place for a long time.