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Looking for part..

So one of my friends wife brought her P5 to fix some of her car issues..

Well I have fixed everything but one thing..

I'm looking for that small piece that goes in the power steering pump and the hose connects from there to the power steering reservoir..

The 1 she has is all twisted to you know what..

It's not kinked so it's still letting fluid pass but she just wants a new one to replace it..

I have gone from parts house to parts house with no luck they said it sounds like a part I would have to get from a donner car..

I'm ready to get here car out of the garage so I can start working on another job..

If anyone has one they're willing to part with or knows where I can buy 1 please let me know..

Thanks in advance


___ 323F ___
not sure what part you mean but most likely i have an extra ps pump laying around i could possibly get it off of.......
It's the part twisted all to hell and I have had no luck at part house's..

Not even sure how she got it all twisted like that 😂😂

I have it working for her but she just wants one that isn't messed up while she has the car with me.



2008.5 MGM MS3
2008.5 MS3
yes that piece isn't sold separately, you would either have to buy a new power steering pump or pull one from a junkyard.
That's what they was telling me at the parts house but she doesn't want to pay for a whole new pump sense she just paid me to replace the belts new timing tensioner and new MAF

So I was hoping someone was parting out a P5 on here or had a extra that they are willing to part with


___ 323F ___
I can search my parts rack this wknd for the spare pump I think I have.....will report back Saturday and post pic if I have it.


___ 323F ___
Got ya covered....found my spare pump and it has that pipe on it undamaged. Mine is good on the one on my car so if I need to replace will just use one I have. I cannot account for how old the pump actually is so you may need new o-ring to make sure it doesn't leak. O-ring is on there and pump appears clean in that area so just sayin. The "bolt" = t-25 torx, lemme know if you want that too.....I'll pm you my paypal addy and hook you up for $10 UPS with tracking just to cover shipping. Here's pics...............



___ 323F ___
of course, got hung up late at work when i have something i need to do.....will try again tommorrow, taking part to work with me so i can get to ups on way home. sorry, was beyond my control.

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