Looking for a Set of Off Road Rims and Tires to rent

I'm looking for someone that's willing to rent me a set of rims and off road tires in either Idaho, Utah, Wyoming or Colorado. I would also gladly swap my rims and tires for you to use while I rent yours. I have 235/55 19 set of Michelin CrossClimate SUV tires on OEM 19 rims. I plan on using them in Colorado and MOAB and would put around 600-1000 miles on them. Previously when taking my CX-5 over Ophir pass in Colorado and in MOAB I wished I had something that was made to use off road and not a street tire. Let me know if you have any suggestions.


Never heard of renting wheels and tires before. Why don't you just buy a set of mud tires and rims? There are a lot of affordable ones that you can buy from 4wheelonline.