looking for a machine shop near Charlotte NC

Mazda Mazdaspeed Protege
I'm having a bit of work done to my FS-DE MSP engine,my block and crankshaft needs to be milled and the oil squirters filled in.Plus the valve job work and complete balance at a local machine shop.

This local guy does great work but has had my parts for about 4 months now and isn't finished yet.Buy all accounts its probably a 10 hr job but i can see if you have a wait of a few weeks to get to it if you have a lot of back up jobs to finish first.

Where im at now w/ this job is i'm willing to drive the 200+ miles to a bigger city like Charlotte NC to get what ever work is not done finished there and i need help with alternatives to my local shop.

Every time i call i get the old "were working on it right now,we will be done this Thursday",i call on the next Tuesday and they say "were working on it right now,we got behind and will be done on Friday".

This has been going on for the last 12 weeks.I have all the correct parts and cant wait anymore,it's my daily driver and I'm out of work till i get it running again.
Someone please help me find a machine shop in the Charlotte NC area or Greenville SC area i can talk to soon as a plan B.

I hope the mods don't find fault in me posting this duplicate in another forum section because i am pretty desperate to be done with this,And i need the exposure!(sorry mods)
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