Looking for a invoice pricing site, not TrueCar


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There was a site that would give you invoice pricing and not TrueCar. There used to be sites that gave you a basic value that didn't include all the other misleading stuff like dealer hold back, incentives etc.

I can't seem to connect with this information. Ed
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I don't really think any website is gonna reveal the real invoice price in modern times.. but this might get you close.

more reading:

the obscuring of the data is why a thread like this:

is so popular.

You could also go to a dealer and simply ask to see the invoice for the vehicle.. they will show you and this wont mean anything - that print out is simply for show. The complexity of manufacture kickbacks, holdbacks, bonuses, and much more makes looking at "invoice price" worthless.

Then you quickly go down the rabbit hole.. "well if I know how much they made them for, I can get the dealer to get me close to that..."

TLDR; get more than 15% off MSRP and you are at a good starting point for a good deal.
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If KBB.com is your source then a 10% discount on MSRP is a "fair" price.


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