Lifting rear trunk lid spoiler ('14 Mazda6 GT)

14 Mazda6 GT
Hi all! I just joined, because I'm buying out a lease on my '14 Mazda6 GT, and I'm sure I'll be coming here often now!

I can think of many bad ones (crazy glue), but what GOOD methods would you suggest I use to re-secure a lifting side of the trunk lid spoiler? One end of it has lifted from the trunk lid (possibly due to the Florida heat) just slightly enough for me to fit a credit card or two underneath. Sorry, no pic yet, but I can get one up if it would help. The vehicle is just out of warranty, so this small repair is on me.

I saw the OEM installation instructions (part of the paperwork handed to me when I first got the car), referencing double-sided tape... Is there a proper replacement adhesive and can I apply it without removing the whole thing and re-installing?

Found this image online as an example of what I'm talking about:
2014 Mazda6 Grand Touring
The proper way would be to remove the spoiler, remove all of the tape and residue from both surfaces, apply some 3M automotive bonding two sided tape or similar and reinstall the spoiler. It might be tricky to get it just right so I would have a body shop do it. Hopefully they wouldn't damage the spoiler in the process.
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I am in agreement with seawolf06.
To remove the spoiler, use strong string to cut through the remaining tapes, foam and whatever holding the spoiler to the lid.
Then, you clean up the spoiler and the lid (with adhesive remover, or GlueGone). Reapply the spoiler with 3M double-sided tapes.