Left Headlight Won't Turn On (2011 Mazda3)

Hi I'm new to this forum and need some help. I have a 2011 Mazda3 and the driver's side low beam headlamp (halogen) stopped working; it won't turn on.
The bulb is OK, I checked the fuses and the relay; they are all OK. I checked for voltage at the fuse with a multi-meter and its there on both sides of the fuse, but not at the bulb.
Is there another module or component between the fuse and the actual bulb. I read about a discharge control module, but I believe this is used only on Xenon lamps.
I'm stumped, any help would be appreciated.
No there is no corrosion. There is no voltage at the female plug when the lights are turned on.
What has me stumped is that the left light works but if I take bulb out and turn the lights on, it also has no measurable DC voltage either.
I did this test hoping to compare the one that works, but I cannot explain this.
Does the circuit need some resistance, a bulb, before the circuit actually energizes?