LED Rear Emblem

Mazda 3
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and I just picked up my very own Mazda 3 HB today from the dealership (yippy) Been browsing various forums to see what personal touches I can add to the car and came across this LED rear emblem. I think it'll look great with the winter coming soon over here. However, I have a feeling that I won't get very clear wiring instructions with the product if I purchase it from ebay.


Video of someone with the setup:


Has anyone installed something similar? I'm mostly concerned about the wiring (I'm sure it's super easy, but I'm a noob to changing things on cars) haha. I think some variations of this has a solid lit colour (blue/white/red) when the car is on , then turns red when the brake light comes on. I had a look at the inside of my hatch and it seems fairly wrapped up, only 3 areas where I believe I can pop open a plastic covering to access any kind of wiring. So my question is, do I pop out the left/right covers and wire them to the rear lights? Or would I pop the one near the middle, which I'm thinking will let me access the license plate wires? If the led changes colour when the brakes are applied, where should I wire it to the brakes? (uhm)

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance (bowdown)
There's a common connector that runs up to the top brake light that you'll tap into. It should have all the wires you'll need, but you'll want to check them with a multimeter to make sure they're the right ones first.
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FYI. You might get a ticket for this.....
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Just beware having white light on the back of your vehicle except for licence plate lights, and reverse lights (only permitted while reversing) will get you a ticket. The blue light could potentially get you an even more expensive ticket, as blue lights are only permitted for police vehicles.