Lease Advice: 2020 CX-5 GT w/ PP

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I don't know beans about leases other than it being the most expensive (I didn't say worst, don't jump on me) way to finance/buy/own or drive a car. But Google searches on leasehackr and aultoleaseninjas with the word scam or legit added yield no results that indicate that these are not legitimate companies.
Often times these offers on leasehakr come either from the dealer (a person working in the dealership) or from a person who can get good bulk discounts from a dealer, but the actual deal signing/docs,etc. is (in most cases that I know of) from the dealer and not from a shady company Xyz.

Of course due diligence is your best partner before doing the actual deal/giving out money, etc. That's why if you are in the same state you can go on site, etc.


Harpy Eagle
2019 CX-5 AWD
I did some more looking into the company and they seem legit enough, I am just skeptical by nature. I would want to know who I'm dealing with.

Either way, 30k miles isn't much for 3 years of driving or many commutes. I don't want to have to worry about going over. But I would consider them if they could do higher mileage leases and beat the prices of multiple dealers.

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