Latest firmware for late 2016 CX-5 2.2 D sport Nav AWD


Sorry for repeating this if posted before. I have searched and am unsure if I can update my software to version 70......
I have only just recently purchased this car and am finding my only issue is the SatNav not auto reconnecting to Wi-Fi hotspot on my iPhone. This is a real pain as you have to search for the phone, enter password, then connect every time you use the car.
I am hoping there is a later version software that cures this problem.
current version is 59.00.545 EU N
Music database 00.08.000
Any help, greatly appreciated.
2016 CX-5 & CX-3
I just got 2 2016's... a CX-3 & a CX-5... I asked the dealership to please update the firmware on both since they had the cars for a week before I could pick them up. When I got them home, I had V59 on the CX-3 and V55 on the CX-5... OBVIOUSLY not the latest V70 that's available.

I found the info on this site for updating and watched a youtube vid or 2... I did the updates myself on both cars with zero issues...
It would seem the problem with the wifi in CX-5, not auto connecting to my iPhone is an Apple IOS 13 issue. Found a thread eventually, with various people having same issue as me. My wife’s Android phone auto connects without problem.
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I took my 2019 cx5 in for its first oil change at the dealer I bought it from. I asked that they update the firmware to the latest available. They refused. Unless you are having a specific issue that is a known fix with the new firmware, they won’t touch it. I suggest going through the release notes and trying some of the things that are listed in the bulletin. If something doesn’t work like it should, that should justify your update request.

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