LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20


Oregon, USA
22v Protege5
I'll be giving it a decent go! Not sure how well it'll turn out but it'll get the car on the road :)
Got a photo of your alignment tool?

Took the car for a quick shakedown spin on Saturday, nothing fell off and nothing caught fire, so that's a win! The car tracks nice and straight already and isn't too bouncy, I forgot how much more responsive the manual is compared to the auto too.

Performance is good! I obviously can't go and do a full rev range pull with the car being slightly illegal at the moment, but it's making about 6psi at 4000ish rpm, it pulls super smoothly and makes a hell of a noise :D I'm going to attempt a video sooner or later and will post it here if it works
Ooooh I'm very curious to hear what it sounds like! Please do keep us posted.

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