LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

2002 323 Protege
Looks to be a FSZE to me. Resonator box on IM is the first hint. Compare the exhaust manifold to your FSDE. The FSZE should be 4-2-1. Did you not feel the difference in power delivery compared to the red mobile?

The differences between the FSDE (AU/NZ spec) vs FSZE (pre July 2002):

FSDE = 131hp @ 6000 / 126lbs/ft (174Nm) @ 4000 / Compression Ratio 9.7:1 / Redline 6500
FSZE = 168hp @ 6800 / 131lbs/ft (178Nm) @ 5000 / Compression Ratio 10.4:1 / Redline 7000

FSZE should also has different ECU to your SP20. And cannot be swapped around (different engine loom). Different intake cams also. Exhaust cams are the same (AU/NZ spec).

So in other words, start swapping everything over from the red to the blue NOW!! (drinks)
There was two different 4-2-1 exhaust manifolds, one came with the Mazdaspeed variant and the other a simple cast jobby by comparison (just as an fyi).

The looms are the same pending awd iirc. Intake cams are the same between DE (AU/JDM/NZ) and ZE though :)
2001 Mazda SP20 323
Thanks for the info Ice! Need to dig a bit further into the blue car at some point.

Still waiting on a clutch, the guy who is getting me a good deal has been busy, which is fair enough and all good as I've been chipping away at some small things while I've got the access.

So far I've tucked some wires out of sight (the loom that runs across the top of the firewall now runs inside the scuttle panel, washer hose is behind the guard, headlight wiring is tidied up, that sort of thing) Painted a few more accessories and swapped radios between the 2 cars. The blue car got the fancy double DIN unit and the red car gets the mechless single DIN, more room for gauges!

One of the very first mods I did was nolathane front swaybar bushes, way back before I joined here. Seeing as it's slightly easier to get at them with no motor I pulled them out to check, lube and replace if needed. A lot of people don't like nolathane as they don't last long, but these bushes look brand new! I chucked some more lube on them and threw them back in....

And promptly stripped one of the threads on the subframe :(

Cue an hour of swearing at bolts and wrangling the steering rack, now the subframe is out and waiting for me to try a helicoil for the first time. Should be fun!

Was hoping to avoid pulling the subframe but it's not a massive job and gives me a reason to clean it and replace all the other bushes while it's out

There's a four day weekend coming up so I've got my fingers crossed I can get this clutch sorted and get this subframe back in before then, wish me luck!
2001 Mazda SP20 323
Good news! I have a clutch, and an engine crane (they were on sale, it was nearly the same price as renting one for a weekend) so I can swing that motor back in soon...

Bad news;
Somebody decided my blue car was super cool and fast and stole it from my driveway, crashed it into something and dumped it about 1km away :( Police have done their thing so now it's up to the insurance assessors.
bonnet side view.jpg
radiator area.jpg

They've hit something square on the front. Bonnet, top rail, rad supports, rad and coolers are all bent. I'm hoping it's repairable, I really really don't want to scrap this car!


BJII Astina SP20
Damn scum! The scumbag lives nearby. And is probably a little shit joyriding.

If NZ is anything like AUS, insurance will right it off. Cost too much to repair compared to value. I'd buy it back with the insurance payout (don't ever take their first offer) and repair it.
2001 Mazda SP20 323
Thanks guys, yep probably a local going for a joyride, apparently there's been heaps of these lately.
Everyone that's seen it has gone 'yep, that's a write-off' so it's not looking too great for this car.
I've been thinking about repairing it, but I think that if it gets written off then it gets deregistered as well which will mean a major hassle to undo, plus it's been thrashed without coolant so the engine is suspect too.
We'll see what happens with insurance...
2003 Mazda Protege5
I have no idea how it works there but I'm fairly certain there are ways to buy back a car from insurance and keep a clean title here.

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