just moved to co

2006 Mazdaspeed 6
So i just moved to Westminster Co from a small town in Wyoming. I dont know anyone or what there is to do around here. so if anyone can give me any tips that would be great. So far i like it but its hard not knowing anyone so i thought i would reach out to the car community to see what they do around here for a good time. So if you have any suggestions of somethings to do send me a message


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2003.5 Madzdaspeed protege
Welcome to the mile high city! Weather changes daily so be prepared lol. I pmd you the local mazda board where you can come out to meets and get to know some people out here.


There is a local mazda board???????? I live in the Springs

Yeah, what he said!

I just moved back to Colorado from Florida...I never knew there was a Colorado specific Mazda board before I left.

PS - Moved to Highlands Ranch until I find more permanent housing.
there is SERIOUSLY a local board????? lol.... hello all, unfortunately i am new to this site and all, just lookin to chat to some people about my car, its an 07 and the motor is toasted! i took it to the local mazda dealer but they havent told me if theyll be replacing the motor under warranty yet or not.........ugh.... lil help?