Just hit 100K :D


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'04 Mazda3 5d, Titanium Gray
Something wonderful occurred in my titanium gray 2004 Mazda3 5-door 5-speed today:


Yep, 100,000 miles, and I got the car in April of 2004 new so that's almost 20,000 miles a year.

Otherwise, the car has held up remarkably well over the years... the only new parts are the rear brake pads, a new intake temp sensor, and the intake manifold (but that was replaced under warranty so I barely consider it).

Otherwise, the interior and leather have a few small scratches (my fault) and the dash has a crack since I used armor all on it (don't do that, it makes plastic dry out and crack). The exterior is very clean, the moulding peeled off on the passenger side, but I cleaned off the left over adhesive so you barely notice, and for some reason I don't have that many dents, I guess people are nice to smaller cars.

My only real complaint is the cheap, thin felt carpet that has a few holes worn into it... I think I am going to ask the dealer to replace it soon (hopefully it won't be too expensive) and then I'll go behind them and velcro/sew on a few pads in the sections I know are prone to wear. I might also just go to an upholstery shop and get it replaced there with something less chintzy.

Either way, I am hoping to get another 100,000 miles out of it, and it hasn't given me any indication that it won't be able to.



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I thought I was going to have the highest mileage with my 3 but it's only at 76k. Good job!
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Hmmmm I see you live in Roswell. I live in Stockbridge & drive my 06 3 to Smyrna 5 days a week. I bought mine about a week or so after Hurricane Katrina & I hit 100k in this past Dec. It is around 106k as I type.
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Just hit 122 miles on our Mazda 3. Yep just delivered today and we love it. It's an 09 S sport hatchback 5 speed galaxy gray. Hope to get 100k miles and then some! Traded a Pro5 for this and it is def. an upgrade. Congrats on the 100k, see you guys in the 3 forum.
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Nice man, Im at 157Km on my 04 Mazda 3 :) 160k =100,000miles.
My only issue is my tranny just blew up. But having my uncle a parts manager with mazda for 39 years i got a used one with 15,000miles on it for $1000 and the service manager cut me a deal on labor since all 3 mazdas i have owned are from them. so yeah RnR tranny,new skid plate,spare key,brake light. for $1908.56cdn :) i love it my car is fast agian. i just need new rubber (getting in 2 weeks) my tires are at 5% lol