Just got nailed

i just got nailed going down I-95, doing 90 in a 55. That's a $268.00 ticket. I feel lucky though. He could've taken my license. Anything over 20 MPH, they can take you to jail too. That freaking sucks. Up goes the insurance. I already have 3 points on my DL. Oh well it's my own fault.

Stay safe, cops are out this holiday!


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Ouch keep, that really sucks ;-; But the cops really ARE out, I've seen so many people pulled over the last week or so... stupid evil cops! >.<
that really sucks. At least it wasn't for racing. MP3Girly knows what I am talking about. The other night, I pulled up to a light next to an accord with some girl in it and MP3girly was behind me. The light changed and I drove normally, the accord took off. It was kinda slow so it was only ahead by a couple car lengths. Well I was SO close to smoking that car when my radar detector beeps. I slam on the brakes (Don't know why, I was doing the speed limit) A split second later the cop flips on his lights and pulls over the accord. Damn I am lucky I didn't race because I would have been going faster and I would have gotten "nailed".


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hey keepinitup,
were you racing an integra again? like that other night when we were driving home after cypress? :)

hey dude, i had the post a while back about 97 in a 55. they can take your license for a year if u get it and insurance will rape you. if you get a lawyer it will cost between two and three hundred dollars after court costs and fees. im going to take a drivers safety course and it gets my ticket brought down to a non-moving violation. NO POINTS. i wouldnt just let this ticket by, its considered a felony.


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Damn :( For a sec I thought this post was about something else. Some not paying attention could've thought this belonged in the off topic forum... bwahaha :D


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Driving home from Toronto back to Winnipeg I got nailed doing 129 km in a 90 zone. I "lucked" out though and he wrote the ticket as if I were only doing 110 which saved me about 200 bucks. What was cool was both officers were asking me all kinds of questions and complimenting me on my car! I like to think that my car saved me the bigger ticket. :D