Just another yellow P5 build...

Jackie chan

Team Pro5
Haha, no thread for the e30 yet, no good pics yet either. I'll fill you guys in tho, it's a '90 late model, bronzit, 4-door, black leather interior, 325i, so 2.5l straight six m20, 5spd, LSD, installed some Turner Motorsports Jstock lowering springs and bilstein struts, and polyurethane trans mounts. Things on the to-do list are poly motormounts and a short shifter that I already have, and it needs rear subframe bushings and a timing belt soon, as well as a valve adjustment. Then itll need a nice seat and some wider wheels and sticky tires, and itll be ready for autox!!


lolmsp lolms3
Just received this in the mail today. It's an eBay "Feeda" radiator. They go for $125, figured I'd give it a shot. Haven't really had any problems with overheating yet, but last summer it ran a little hot, especially with so much traffic lately in my area. I'll let you guys know how it goes, and give my review on it. First impressions, I think it looks pretty good.

how's this radiator working out for you? a good amount of time has passed by. and where are the updates? :D