Just another yellow P5 build...


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Damn dude, i didn't realize you cut the fog light part of your lip. I'm glad to see that it still sits good like that.
2002 Mazda Protege5
Some pics!




Where’s that like button!?! So cleeeeeen..

That VeilSide sticker tho.. +50Hp [emoji1362][emoji18]
"Just another yellow P5 build...." has to be the biggest understatement ever! Love this whole thread! Good job on the car and providing so much info!
2003 protege 5
This is a super impressive build! I got through the first 25 pages and learned a lot considering I've only had my P5 for about 2 weeks (and it is yello) - can't wait to get into it more!

Crazy thing - the recommendation on the transmission fluid was the most necessary bit of info I needed for right now - lol
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I was here too!! Still view whenever there is a post I get a phone alert! ;)
2002 Mazda Protege5
Still the cleanest P5 up in this joint! [emoji1363][emoji1]

I’d love to challenge that, but I can’t compete at this point [emoji28]

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Well guys, here's a quick verbal update of things done in the last few months! Pics to come soon.

Swapped primary o2 sensor, haha.

Installed Walbro 255lph fuel pump, have perrin rail, Deatschwerks fuel pressure regulator, and a bunch of -6an hose and fittings to install.

I finally got around to polishing my paint, so it's shiny again.

Lowered the front, fitment is super tight now.

New oil catch can setup with -8an lines, not sure if that's been covered in here yet.

Chinese Haima Happin front upper grill and emblem!

And also going haltech!
2002 Mazda Protege5
Thanks Smoke. That mod is a clean look

Looks cleaner on his than mine, since he covered the numbers. The mazda2 knobs are bigger than the protege ones, they partially overlap the numbers so it looks off. Im trying to figure out a way to make some smaller knobs, to get the same look but not cover the numbers