Jess's 91 BRG LS6 Build Thread

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Well, I guess this is my build thread. Bought my Miata in 06, drove it and modded it a little more each year, slapped a turbo on it towards the end and now I'm sitting in V8 territory.

I've been through 3 Neons since I bought it and now have a Mazda 2 as a DD. Little car has staying power (nothing was wrong with the Neons when I ditched them FYI!) (nana)

Here's some pics of how it sat before:

This....... is my V8 List.

Parts acquired thus far:

-LS6 engine with 9,000 miles out of an 01 Corvette Z06, no A/C or PS
-V8 Roadsters subframe mounting kit (includes tubular subframe, engine mounts, tranny crossmember, and frame rail braces)
-T56 transmission out of a 1999 Trans Am (6 speed), with B&M short shifter and skip-shift eliminator
-Monster Stage 3 clutch rated to 700 hp/tq (came with tranny)
-Drive by Wire throttle pedal from a 97-04 Vette
-Walbro 255
-Vette Filter/Regulator
-AN fittings and stainless lines
-LS1 Pilot Bearing (LS6 won't work)
-New Clutch Master Cylinder, bleed lines
-CTS Diff (05, 54k, 3.42 gears and LSD) and diff vent
-V8R Stage 2 Mounting kit with optional aluminum driveshaft
-Refreshed Hubs/Wheel bearings courtesy of Planet Miata, with ARP studs
-Sport brakes with R4S pads
-Flyin Miata/V8R oil pan ordered 7/1/11

Parts that I still need for the swap:

-ECU reflash to delete VATS and 2 of the 4 o2 sensors it is looking for
-Speedometer/Gauges in general solution

-Headers (debating stainless FM vs coated Sandersons)
-Exhaust system (want 2.5" or 3" to a Y" to a single pipe back)

-I decided I didn't want my ABS anymore (I had been running it relay-less anyways for about a year), so I yanked everything... which means I need a new non-ABS Master Cylinder and new brake lines

Project goals:
-Shaved, tucked, and stitch welded bay
-2200-2300lb curb weight (no A/C, PS, Cruise, ABS, heater)
-15x10 wheels (need to figure out ideal offset to match up with my rolled/pulled fenders that worked well with 13x8 +4)

Random notes:
-OEM Miata wiring harness with plugs for all options weighed 17lbs.
2013 Fiat 500 Abarth

Cutting the tranny tunnel to make room

What a mess

Oh hai

Might as well... stitch welds:

Shaving the bay:

Before any filler:

For anyone that is curious, the "batwing" pan doesn't work with the V8R subframe, the 01 was a 2piece design, I took it off just to see... there's some crazy stuff going on in there. There's literally like 4 sections to it. Thought you guys might want to see!

Going out to work on the bay in a bit :)
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Jess are you doing the build in the Falls?
2013 Fiat 500 Abarth
^yup! You walked right past it when you came and got the tranny/ppf ... It was covered up and looked like a sailboat LOL


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The stuff ive seen about the ford has been the same....saying that the weight difference is negligible. Anf the only real added weight comes from the additional suport ie framework and suspension changes