JDM led abmient light

There is now a solution (albeit, expensive) to your problem... the newest 6 in the EU market comes with both the spot light and the ultrasonic motion sensors in the overhead console.... buying this also means it comes with LED bulbs out of the box
part number is GRM5-69-970-75 for grey or GRM5-69-970-02 for black... if you have a sunroof
or GRK6-69-970-75 for grey or GRK6-69-970-02 for black... if you don't have a sunroof
the sensors, processor unit, and the mounting bracket is not included, so just transfer those pieces over... if you want it with everything, it'll cost much more and have different part numbers... even without the sensors, its suggested price is about 170 quid... as you already know, unfortunately, unlike the original console, the trim plate for the sunroof switch is much larger, which means you must buy the proper matching console to your car... can't get a cheaper one without the switch and swapping the piece over
Any reputable sites to buy it from and any installation guides available? Google search doesn't show many relevant results.