It amazes me that in 10 years....

2014 QX70 AWD
It sucks ass. Totally useless in snow. Incredibly inconsistent in rain.

I should have videoed how bad it was. Could drive almost a quarter mile before the system would clear the windshield.
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My rain-sensing wipers work perfectly fine, and I'm sure it's the same or similar system used on the 6, CX-5, and CX-3. Now, although mine work great, I'm not going to go so far as to say that there's no issue with the rain-sensing wipers, as my car is just one example of many many others out there. There is a flaw somewhere for sure, but I don't know if I would draw the conclusion that its a cheap system.

Same with the wiper system on your Passat and your 528i - it works/worked great for you, but I'm sure there are some examples out there of people who are experiencing the same thing a few CX-5 owners are experiencing. Maybe you just don't hear about it because VW and BMW have more serious electrical gremlins to worry about ;)
Apparently you misread my previous post. I said the rain-sensing wipers on my 2001.5 VW Passat are mediocre which is not much better than my CX-5. At least Passat's sensitivity adjustment works as intended but the one on CX-5 simply just doesn't do anything. This's not just my complaint but are from too many CX-5 owners.

On the other hand, the rain-sensing wipers on my 2000 BMW 528i are very precise, works as intended under any conditions. Both systems should be from Bosch, that's why I said the same company, Bosch or Denso, would offer different levels of rain-sensing wiper system, and the car manufactures are free to choose the cheap one or more expensive one (IMO). The cheaper one definitely will suffer on performance.
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So one thing I find works is to leave it off when I its not raining and then enable auto when it is and just let or adjust speed. At least if the initial activation lag is the issue. This is one thing I notice is better with the VW.
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Well, nothing has changed. It is chairs propelled by poison that burns and makes another poison. Nothing's new, except few ipad like gimmicks. You still have to drive it and make 2x monthly payments for 5 years, in most cases.

This is the sad truth. Most people don't care and buy.