Issues with BOSE


2006 Mazdaspeed 6
Now, I thought BOSE has a pretty good reputation? I don't blare my soundsytem at all, never near max volume, usually around 10 when I'm driving alone, 4 or 5 if theres people in the car and were talking. Maximum I push it up to is maybe 17... and that's extreme for me.

Some days I hear rattling coming from the lower front speaker on the door, passanger side. Sounds like it's blown? It really pisses me off sometimes because it doesn't rattle everyday, when it does though, it REALLY sounds like the speaker is blown :(.

I drive a 06 speed 6 and I bought it used and I no longer have a warranty on it. Any ideas? Anyone notice any similar problems? Anyone have any solutions?


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MazdaSpeed 6
I usually hear a rattle from the back where the sub sits, I believe it is the sirius satellite antenna that for some reason was installed inside under one of those plastic covers near the sub.

Look around the where the rattle is coming from and see if theres something lose around there.


2006 speed six
I think the stock stereo was just as good?? the bose came with the seats or sunroof in my car?? i didnt really want it.. but, it was a package deal..


2011 Mustang GT
Bose was standard on the MS6. It's a decent system, but you can do much better with aftermarket. It's a shame that we can't easily swap in/out a single DIN head unit.
2007 Mazdaspeed 6 GT
Is there any kind of a swap for the Bose system? I don't see an easy way of plugging in an aftermarket stereo and replacing it.