Issues installing Corksport Intercooler and piping on CX-5

2020 CX-5 GT Resrv
Hey what’s up guys? So I’ve been for weeks now, trying to get this Corksport intercooler and piping kit set up on my 2020 CX-5 and I’m running into constant obstacles. Boost leaks popping up everywhere because the piping just won’t fit right everywhere at the same time.

I have been in contact with Corksport, and we will arrive to a solution, even if it’s sending it back.

I was just wondering if anyone has successfully installed this kit on their CX-5, and if so, did you have issues?
2020 CX-5 GT Resrv
Are you getting CELs/codes?
Yes. But for obvious reasons. Boost leaks.

It’s quite the project apparently, as I have been working on this for weeks.

The kit, as it was shipped to me, does not fit my cx-5. I don’t know if something changed in the 2020 model year, or if maybe my particular batch wasn’t up to correct spec. (Heaven forbid I say something bad about CS). But the pipes and/or silicone elbows are not long enough in distance to correctly fasten to each other. Just barely short here and there.

They test fitted one from the same batch at the shop and said it was fine. Who knows, I went back to stock.

I wish you luck and reach out if you have any questions. I know the front of this damn car like the back of my hand now.
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Maybe the kit was designed for 2.5, but yours is a 2.5T.


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The intercooler is only found on the turbo version. It appears that CS may have let some out-of-spec parts out...or not.
Tomorrow at 0700 hrs, it begins 😚


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2020 CX-5 GT Resrv
Test drive before you put the bottom scrape guard trim back on, as they are bitches to get on and off. The bumper is weirdly easy to get off and on. Don’t be afraid to remove the crash bars to make it easier to get inside the tighter places. Take pictures of what bolts and clips go where and above all else, the biggest piece of advice I could give, is tighten all clamps and hoses to the intercooler BEFORE you mount the intercooler. There’s more flex in mounting the intercooler than flex in the hoses/pipes.

Reach out if you have any questions.
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Finished the CS FMIC w/ piping upgrade install in 10 hrs 😅 5 miles later (with highway driving), no check engine light. I made sure to tighten the crap out of the clamps. Interestingly I'm getting long term trim levels of +10 Avg (pre install it was about +14 Avg)


- Just like @TimPro recommended, I attached the cold and hot silicone couplings to the intercooler BEFORE mounting the intercooler. This made it alot easier to attach them to the corksport pipings.

- I was able to install without removing the turbo inlet pipe. All I had to do was disengage it it from its mount. However, be careful when retightening the nut to the black OEM bolt that secures the turbo inlet pipe to its mount - I accidently snapped off this OEM bolt from its head while using a torque wrench - I think the recommended torque value might be a little too much. I remedied the problem by using a zip tie to secure the turbo inlet pipe to the metal mount.

- I just pried/ripped off the wiring connector clips - I didn't know how to remove them without destroying them. I used zip ties to resecured some of the wiring.

- I used a bunch of red solo cups to keep track of all the different OEM hardware

- Double check the corksport hardware, the intercooler itself requires a few M6x1.0x20mm bolts, I don't think I received them

- The MAP sensor is secured to the CS FMIC by a SILVER M6X1.0X16 mm bolt, NOT by a BLACK bolt as shown in the picture.

I have high hopes for the FMIC, but time will tell if there are any problems. I'll keep yall posted.

I know the FMIC didn't work out for him (2020 cx5), but special thanks to @TimPro. He was a huge help during this install.🙏