Is this push to premium really new for Mazda?

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Oops, sorry!(peep) EDIT: Just read the entire thing. Pretty cool article!

Here's another lil tidbit:

Mazdaspeed was originally called Mazda Sports Corner and was a small group of techs inside Mazda working behind their boss's back. Once they started winning races, The higher ups at Mazda took notice, started funding them, and turned their group into Mazdaspeed.

Nothing to do with Ford and this all happened in the late 60's/early 70's. We can thank those guys for the RX-7 and Mazda's win at LeMans
Neat story. Very Morris Garages like.


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I know this is the forum section where threads go to die, but I was looking up the PDF manual for my 2014 so I can review how to replace my headlights and make sure I am buying the right types. 1 was pretty rich....

^ That's the kinda Mazda that feels so right.
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Im probably keeping my GTI. But I will hold off judgment until I see the 3 in person. AWD is tempting but the 3 wont get the 2.5t anytime soon so to me its a downgrade vs GTI.
It's ironic that although the GTI typically wins accolades from car magazines, Consumer Reports has consistently included it in their "Worst of the worst" category for overall reliability. It reminds me of the Corvette - great performance but horrible reliability. This is deal-killer for me when it comes to VWs and Chevies. If a Mazda3 is even 80% as good as a GTI in handling performance, I'll take the 3.