Is my diagram correct? 3 OHM Resistor Install in Mazda3

2011 Mazda MAZDA3 s Sport Hatchback
Hi Everyone

I'm new here. I drew a diagram of what I'm planning to do to my 3 Hatch.

I bought these Front switchbacks from Vleds (hoping they're bright enough - couldn't afford the new Tritons)

and these rear LEDs from Superbrightleds (hoping 140 lumens is bright)

I bought the 3 OHM 50W resistors, and according to what I've seen here, I plan to install them in the rear. They're pre-mounted to the aluminum plates, so that should be relatively easy.

I saw a diagram that if you tap into the 7440s in the rear, there are only two wires coming out. One ground, and one positive (assuming it's red?). Alternatively, the 7443s in the front have 3 wires coming out supposedly. I read that the 3 OHM resistors should be able to handle both the front and rear hyper flashing. My question is this:

Does it matter what I tap into? The 7440s or the 7443s? I'm not sure if it makes a difference that the LED turn signals are not the same. Again, according to what I read, 2 - 3 OHM resistors can control 4 turn signals. I just didn't read anyone talking about what happens if the bulbs are different types. Also some people were talking about things being 'in parallel', etc. I'm not sure what that means.

I'd appreciate your clarification on this, and if you can confirm my diagram is correct, that'd be great.

My Hatch.JPG
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