Is Mazda's upcoming MX-30 on your shopping list?




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I find the upcoming All-Electric Mazda MX-30 very intriguing and it's already growing on me...It could have the potential to be a big hit. It also makes me think what else does Mazda have cooking in the All-Electric department...The possibilities are no doubt, exciting!

I started a thread like this in our CX-30 (currently a brand new model) Forum and it received interesting responses. I'm really interested to know what people think of the MX-30 and why it might be (or might not be) on their shopping list...So please post away and let us know...Let's get this conversation started! :D
Looking forward to seeing the US version here. (birthday)

I love the new textures and materials that are used. (no more piano black please)

I had a gen 2 Prius Hybrid, which was very frugal, but also very unsatisfying to drive. (wrc)

Currently I had been thinking of looking at a used Leaf, but really wanted more range.

I have been trying to decide what my personal magic number is, as far as the range needs to be. 150 miles - 200 miles? (shrug)
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I will consider one if it
1. has close to 200hp motor (currently 143hp)
2. has range extender (yes, the rotary engine) (planned)
3. costs less than $45k before fed/state rebates.
35.5kwh battery is sufficient for my commute.

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