Is it possible to transfer a speed sensor from one transmission to another?

Hey guys, new here this is my first post. I have a 2003 Protege5 with a manual transmission. A couple of years ago the transmission died and I had to swap it for another one that I bought on Ebay and had my mechanic put in. At the time I was aware of the two different types of transmissions for the car, one with a speed sensor and one without, and the guy on Ebay assured me both would fit. (I assumed that my mechanic could just take the speedsensor for my old broken transmission and put it into the new one that I got off Ebay that DIDNT come with a speedsensor attached). Turns out he couldn't do it so I was left with a running car that doesn't have a working speedometer that can't pass a smog test. Car's been sitting in a lot and I'm finally ready to work on it again. Been talking to a new mechanic telling him I'm going to have to buy whole new transmission with a speedsensor and swap it again to make it work finally - he told me that I might be able to just get a speedsensor from another protege5 transmission and mount the sensor onto my tranny that didn't come with one. Is there any truth to this or is he wrong?

tldr: I have a manual transmission model that comes without a speedsensor, that is already installed into a Protege5 that originally had a transmission WITH a speedsensor. Can I grab the speedsensor off another protege5 and mount it onto my transmission? OR do I need to swap in a whole new transmission that comes with a speedsensor originally?


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My memory is a little foggy on this, but I remember that there is a little pink plastic gear set that can be installed into your transmission, but the transmission needs to removed and come apart to install the one gear.

I believe the transmission needs to be partially disassembled to install the one gear onto a shaft inside the transmission.

There is either a plug to be removed, or a hole that needs to be drilled to get the gear assembly through and into the transmission.

There is information on all of this buried somewhere back in the old threads, but the pictures may no longer be showing in the threads.

Cars that come with ABS, use the information from the ABS system to provide speed information to the ECU and speedometer.

ABS info is more accurate.
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