iPad Pro 12.9 in 2019 CX-5

Today, I installed two magnetic vent mounts to attach my iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd w/ cellular). It seems that two magnets on the side grip the iPad pretty strong and didn't see any bounce while doing local drive testing and touching screen seems to be sturdy as well. Since iPad Pro 12.9 has four speakers, the sound is also great at around 75% volume. I know that I can pair it to CX-5 using Bluetooth but it seems that my phone and tablet often fight to get audio output and it ends up messing Android Auto. I probably use the vent mount for my smartphone with Android Auto for everyday usage, but it can be good entertainment system for long stay in parking lot.





Oh err. That means no air flow from the vents and surely it would get stolen?
True, but again ipad won't be there all the time. Since it is magnet mount, it only takes a second to detach it and carry it in the bag. It will cook the ipad if I leave it in summer time or get stolen first day if I leave it in unattended 😄.
Can I ask why you are doing it?
I have two young kids and I have an entertainment system on my van, but not on cx-5. We use van most of time, but there is a time that we have to use cx-5 with kids. Sometimes, they have to sit and wait in the parking lot waiting for my wife to finish her grocery shopping. And, there are other occasional usages. Again, it doesn’t mean to be everyday usage but it will be useful when I need it.