2017~2020 Intermittent wipers revisited


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2017 CX-5 GT AWD+
For those of you who, like me, turned off the intermittent wipers because they sucked... try them again.

I turned mine back on a few weeks ago just to see how they were doing, and they now work quite well. Tested over several rainy drives. No idea what has changed except the passage of time.

Still not as good as manual control, but good enough to use. They stop when the rain stops, go full blast when it's raining hard, and have a variety of speeds when the rain is lighter. Just what they're supposed to do. I was surprised because they were so bad when I got the car, always far too fast.

I know that some people report that their's are fine. I'm curious if anyone else who had problems will have the same results.
2018 AWD GT Premium Red/Black
I may try them again, but my complaint was they often weren't fast enough. I think my personal preference has a lower threshold for drops on the windshield than most people.
2019 Mazda CX-5 GT Reserve
I personally just turned my rain sensing off after driving while it was snowing for the first time. I actually liked the rain sensing for the first few months. The variable sensing worked fine. As snow accumulated at the base of the windshield I was unable to get the wipers to sweep as often as I wanted regardless how I adjusted the sensitivity. I'm going to see how I like them just being variable while it's snowing & may go back to rain sensing as the weather warms up.

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