Intermittent Liftgate Problem

I have a 2021 CX-9 GT. I have an aftermarket tow hitch installed that was put in by the dealer. Ever since I purchased the vehicle, the liftgate will intermittently go up and stop about 6" before reaching the top. It beeps three times when it stops and just stays there. I would say it happens a couple times per week. I thought that maybe it was due to the kayaks I have hanging in my garage above the car or the yakima roof box I had on it all winter. Now, I have just a bike rack installed on the hitch.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? I have taken it to the dealership twice and they basically threw their hands up when they could not reproduce it.

Would this be due to a radar sensor detecting something above the tailgate or the tailgate meeting physical resistance and stopping?

Edit: the liftgate never goes up on its own. It's always me pushing the button. The intermittent part is the stopping 6" short and beeping.
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After some reading in the manual, it appears that the conditions required to create this are that the tailgate meets resistance. It's not a radar sensor. Now, I guess I need to wait for this to get worse to the point that the issue can happen in front of the dealer or I have to live with it.
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I could see this happening if the liftgate struts were defective or sticking as well. Does the liftgate open smoothly every time, at a consistent rate of speed?
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I have a 2020 GT and my gate also stops lifting about 60% of the time now. I also have a dealer installed hitch which is already making the hands free control hard to use. They replaced the module that was draining the battery in the last recall, but this had no effect on the lift gate problem. I'll be taking it back there soon to see what they can do.

I'm not sure I get three beeps though. The gate just consistently stops after creating a 1 foot tall opening.
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Out of curiosity, try to reprogram the lift height to different positions. Does it open partially every time? Or only when it’s programmed to fully open.

To reprogram, lower the lift gate by hand to a position. Press and hold the close button in the lift gate until it beeps. Close and open it a few times.
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