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I feel your pain on letting go of longterm project/toy/friend such as this.....had a truck for about 27 yrs and got rid of it for "practical" "reasonable" "responsible" reasons. Kudos on correct priority structure selection and best of luck.


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Awh man, some things are hard to let go with much time spent on it. But family always comes first!
Good luck with the sales and best of luck in all future endeavors and the family :)

Installshield 2

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Thanks again guys, really appreciate it.

just another update: I have a buyer lined up for 'whats left' of the car locally. He is not interested in anything I listed and the car will not need to remain driveable. I have a business trip coming up over the weekend in to mid week but will then have some time to start removing things. I'll be in touch to those I have heard from soon with logistics related to that.

Sorry for the delays, the weather over the holiday weekend was nuts here and had to reschedule a good time for meeting up with said buyer.

Hey installshield2, i just posted a msg on your page (idk how to private msg, I'm new here) with my phone number, i would like to buy some parts from you. If you don't see the msg i can post my number here. Thanks