Installing Remote Start 2018 Mazda 6 Signature

I'm going to be installing a remote start system from 12voltSolutions soon. I ordered the remote start kit with add-on smart phone module. There are no videos out there that I know of for installing on a Mazda. Unless someone knows of somebody else having done this already, I'm on my own.

I'll post my results after. I might make an installation video in case others are interested in this remote start option from 12voltSolutions as well. Apparently the remote start phone app option from Mazda sucks so that was out of the picture. Even the dealership told me not to purchase the Mazda system. That's pretty bad.
Sorry can't help...Installed a Fortin Evo-One.
Got it installed through 12voltSolutions. Works like a charm! I didn't do an installation video, they're (12voltSolutions) in the process of creating an install video(s) for the Mazda's and will be out soon.

FYI, they use the Fortin protocol as well.