Inspect Your Water Pump is MAZDA PERFORMANCE!

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I have it in my hand right now...I actually cannot tell if its plastic or metal. If it is plastic it appears to be very durable. It's actually a cylinder with fins (imagine a a deep dish car wheel).
You mean a squirrel cage?

13' CX-5 and 16' Mazda6 both Touring w/Tech/Bose
^ yeah something like that. I opened up the water pump and confirmed the blades are indeed plastic. No damage to the actual blades were found.
13' CX-5 and 16' Mazda6 both Touring w/Tech/Bose

Good read. I find it horrific that they went to plastic...but at least the impellers have gotten better to where they last. The full plastic water pumps just scream "throw this car away".
The OEM and Aftermartket Gates Water pump were not heavy at all. Likely aluminum bodies. The OEM has plastic impeller (did not check the Gates unfortunately) but unless there's hard objects in the cooling system I can't see the blades chipping.

BMWs were notorious for cheap plastic impellers. Actually Euro water pumps in general aren't as good whether plastic or metal. JDM cars fare better.


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The water pumps we use in my industry all use plastic composite impellers that are absolutely superior to the old metal ones. Plastic is not inherently bad and any product can be poorly made, metal or plastic.

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