Infotainment System Bugs

Mazda 3 2015 sp25 Astina
Howdy. I'm new to these things and not sure how it works. I have a question/issue..
Ii bought a new mazda 3 sp astina recently and am having an issue with music from usb. i formatted to ms dos fat as recommended and it sometimes works fine but other times it gives the 'no playable files' message. I unplug and re-insert a bunch of times and eventually it randomly works again.
Do people think it's the usb drive, the MZD system or the wires going from/to the usb port?
As a side question.. When formatting the usb or sd card for this system, does the partition scheme matter? I read that the MBR (master boot record) scheme is supported by more manufacturers/systems but is that just for booting or also reading?

I'm going to try an sd card as well as a micro sd via usb adapter (trying a couple of the partition schemes) to see if the problem persists.
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Sorry, can't help you with this particularly as I use my iphone to play via Bluetooth.
My wife though, uses her iphone via the USB port and it works perfectly

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Use v55 if you haven't already.
I have had 0 problem ever since.
For USB, I just copied a bunch of MP3 files into a USB drive (w/ sub directories). And, it works fine.
It can display foreign languages (title, album, etc.) also.

My Mazda6 came with V51. It still has some issue my Mazda3' V55 does not.


11' Mazda 3i Touring
I have an 11' Mazda3i touring with the BOSE system and when playing music through the bluetooth it will periodically skip, or hesitate. Does anyone else experience this?
2014 Mazda3 SGT
The Bluetooth is definitely a bit laggy, it's always a few seconds behind what it "should be" using my iPhone 6s Plus. Mostly it's a pain if watching a movie trailer/playing a game/etc.
2014 Mazda3 SGT
Has anyone seen or heard of any update since the v55.00.753 update (2014 Mazda3). I haven't been able to find out if the newer models are different enough they will no longer support older vehicles. Anyone know? Thanks!
I got the update but it is s*it. The new highway close to me after 2,5 years construction and now open since December last year is not in. Ridiculous.

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I got the update but it is s*it. The new highway close to me after 2,5 years construction and now open since December last year is not in. Ridiculous.
Actually, this is not unusual. The road was open in December 2015. Data is often updated from the source rather quickly, but the data is internal. However, it can take a year or longer (average 2 years) for the updates to end up with the vendor eg. TomTom, Garmin and then ready for us to download. Google may have faster updates because their maps are often updated by their users like you and me.

Depending on the age of your car, you probably wont' see the update unless you pay to extend your updates. I still take my trusty Garmin that has lifetime maps with me whenever we travel.


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'15 CX-5 GT AWD
In my experience it does take a couple years to gain accuracy with OEM nav systems.

The first one I ever had was in my old '02 Maxima (CD Based). Maps stopped being made for that system in 2005. The person it really sucked for was the owner of a 2004 Infiniti i35 (Nissan Cefiro & A33 Maxima clone). Same system and then EOL'd just one year later.


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Here's a bug. I have two 16gb SanDisks. 1 has WAVE files and 1 has MP3's. I was listening to the WAVE files and switched to the MP3 USB stick. It would not show Album or Artist files. The Album, Artist was lit up but when I selected one there was nothing in it. Folders, Songs work as they should. This MP3 stick was working as it should the day before. I went back to the WAVE stick and it worked as it should.

So at this point I'm thinking it's the SanDisk. So I copied the MP3's the WAVE file stick and all the albums and Artists showed up again. I deleted the MP3 files on the original SanDisk that wasn't working right and copied my WAVE files on it. Now both SanDisks work as they should.

I did do a soft reset before trying all this but that didn't work. Has anyone had this bug and if so how did you fix it. I'm thinking this will probably happen again.
honestly, if your car is no longer under warranty, I wouldnt bother with the infotainment bugs. just find an aftermarket unit that integrates with the system and allows you more features like dvd and upgradability.