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Armed with the basic knowledge gleened from Xenon Expert's guide found on the Mazda 3 Forums, I decided to tackle this modification. It allows the foglights to be used whenever you want, independent of parking lamps, low, or high beams. Foglights can now be used with high beams. Useful on dark country roads.

note: There are minor changes to the guide when modding the 5. If anyone is interested I'll follow with a short overview.

This is Antoine * Skip the links...Post the info! Author: XENON EXPERT

As promised, this is the second guide that I promised you this week. Lots of people want to have control over their fogs...there has been some people that did this but used a switch that they've put near the driver's steering column. Not a bad idea but I like simple stuff and there's a simpler way to do this mod and just use your existing switch.

Ready? Here we go:

Products needed:
- 6-8" of 18 AWG wire
- Different size male and female wire connectors
- Wire cutter
- Wire stripper
- plier or crimper
- some kind of old coat hanger that you can straighten out (this will serve you to pass some wires from the cabin to the engine bay)
- Electrical tape

1-Open the fuse box in the engine bay. You should have the following fuse space empty:

2- This is the fog relay....remove it.

3- Here's where the real work begin. You will take that relay an use some of the wire you bought. use the right size female connectors.
It should look something like this:

4- Put that aside for now. We will use it later.

You need to open your steering wheel column and the dash panel under the steering. Once that is done you will see LOTS of wires. Take the small red/black wire and strip it (remove some of the plastic insulation) a little.

5- Take the long wire you bought, strip one end and connect it to the exposed part of the red/black wire. make sure the connection is good and tape it with electrical tape.

6- Run your wire down to a hole that is in the upper left corner of your pedals' space. Use that straighten coat hanger and pass you wire through that hole. You will end up in the engine compartment near the battery.

7- Now we take back the fog relay and put male connectors at the end of the wires like you see on the picture. Use also the little wire (black in the pic) and connect it to the wire you passed into the engine bay:

8- It should look like this (the connector going in the fuse space goes into only one of the holes...the one towards the front of the car :

9- To be able to enter a male connector in the little empty fuse slot, you will need to cut a it a little:

10- ***Optional*** You can also add a 15A inline fuse for added security.

11- Replace the fuse cover

12- You're done! Enjoy!

Note: When you turn off your car the fogs will stay lit up for 5-15 seconds and then shut down. This is perfectly normal.

For the fogs to light up your key needs to be at least in the ignition position.

pics: The second pic is highbeams+foglights. (boom04)


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Most definitely. Would love to see the steps involved to make the fog lights operate independently.

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Ah, so you did get it to work with just the parking lights, I wasn't sure as the other thread you mad the thumbs weren't clickable.

Anyone try that fog light film kit in the other forum? I wonder what the fogs would look like blue or yellow?


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TheMAN said:
yay for hack job ghetto wiring

Why don't you just post your solution instead of knocking someone else's. You're The Man, right?
uhh, that's why I made a how-to for the 3 already that doesn't involve that mess! did you search? I didn't think so!


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2006 5 Touring/Navi - 2006 3 sTouring 5dr
I did search and I did read it. That's why I asked you to post it here for everyone to see. If you explained it plainly, along with your smart replies, people that were interested could read them both and make up their mind which way they wanted to do it. Wouldn't that be nice.


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Is someone tried this mod on a Canadian version of a 5 ? Because we have the DRL (Day Running Light) so I don't know if it will work (I've tried a howto like that on My protege 5 and it did not work because of our DRL !!
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JAVI said:
Why don't you just post your solution instead of knocking someone else's. You're The Man, right?

I'm not "The Man", but I did just post a solution to the wiring mess that came with your post. I'm by no means trying to blame you, but just offering a "safer" means to operate the fogs. I did car audio and electronics installs for awhile and some of the mods people do to their cars can be really scary, and dangerous. Sometimes it's best to just keep it simple. The way our foglights work is just a signal wire which switches a relay, then sending power to the fogs. The factory method is to have the headlights be one side of the signal, so that the fogs only turn on with the headlights. It's really just a matter of changing that signal wire to set up the fogs however you want. I posted in the HOW-TO section under JAVI's thread on how to change the trigger from headlights to parking lights, but if you would like to have even more independence just substitute the parking light signal for an ignition signal. Since you are working in the fuse box, there are plenty of options, even though I didn't specifically set mine up that way. Just use a good digital multimeter and use common sense. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, and I'll try to help out if I know the answer. I was just concerned about all the wiring and electrical tape in those pictures. Don't want anyones car going up in flames (recalls not included).

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