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I'm looking for roof rails only

Pueblo county CO
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
That's too bad. I can see why some might not want or need the rails if they don't provide any adjustment.
There's a limited range of where I might want to locate the cross bars but I like being able to fine tune the spread between them.

The holes on my cargo box were pre-drilled but I guess it is pretty easy to drill new holes to fit.
2002 Protege5
I bought OEM via Amazon for my 2019. One thing to note on install, make sure you install bolts vertical as it seems easy to cross thread. I also thought the 30 Torx head bolt was little shallow for the Torx bit so be careful if using a power driver.
Gonna work on aunt's 2019 next right after I finished installing the brake pads and ironman tires on the current Wrangler project. First time to install a roof rails so I need to take a closer look.