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I need help finding an ac condenser

Mazdaspeed Protege
I got rear ended and pushed into another car and my ac condenser sprung a leak, I haven't been able to find the correct part. Every website I've found lists a part as fitting but it only fits the non-turbocharged engine.

I need help finding the part or a way to fix it.
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege
Mazdaspeedtuning.com has them.

Dang it, just checked it....been down for a week. Ugh, hope it comes back. So many good parts. I need the HVAC control unit they have.
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege
Weird, must have been my internet. The site was back up and normal next time I checked. NICE! Ok Mica, you go grab the condenser and
I'm going to go get the radiator! Hot on top, cold on bottom is never good. lol.

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