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I miss my MP3!!!!


MP3 717
nothing currently....
I have come to the conclusion that I miss my MP3 more then any other car I had.
A few years ago she sucked up water into the engine, it was not pretty.
I sold it (pretty blue) for a 2006 Mustang. Had that for 3 years and then got a 2003 MSP.
I liked the MSP but I still missed the MP3. Did not care that it was slow, it just looked clean!
So this past weekend I sold the MSP for a LS1 Camaro. Always wanted one when I was younger.
Now that I have it I just want my MP3 back. :(

Guess I will just wait around until a clean unmolested blue one pops up.
They are great cars! Be appreciative of what you have if you own one!


On my 14th Mazda.
90 RX7 Vert
I know exactly what you mean. I had a Yellow MP3 and it was one of the best cars I have owned.


MP3 717
nothing currently....
If I could find on stock with low miles I would buy it and just keep it in the garage.
They are the most amazing cars ever made. ;)

I owned a 3 years ago and really like it , but you are correct it is no MP3.
I drive a Mazda5 now. I do like the van/car thing a lot!!! Not sure I can ever go away from Mazda anymore.
2001 Mazda MP3
If you want; you can buy mine. It is probably the highest miles MP3 there is though, and I think it has a vacuum leak that I'm having trouble with after my rebuild. I know how you all feel though. It is a really great car, and I fully expect to regret letting it go when I do; but there's a broken down MSP in my driveway that needs some love too!

But...the car I currently miss the most was an SL55 AMG. I'm probably going to buy one of those again someday (or upgrade to the SL65)...and those are much more awesome in person that any online research can express.

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