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Parked next to this today. Seriously? These are stock rims on a Porsche? Now I ask you biased Mazda owners....Who has the nicer rims? [emoji3]

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Looks like an early 6 cylinder or diesel Cayenne. Bottom rung Porsche's skimped on the features in the past. Have a look at the 924.

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It's funny because the wheels on the cayenne look almost exactly like the base 17s on the Mazdas.


You can get into a 924 turbo for around 2 grand. They come stock pushing 7psi, but you can turn the boost WAY up and make twice the stock power with nothing but a boost controller. Add an IC, some fuel and spark and those cars will push 300hp easily.

300HP Porsche for about 3k total. Seems like a fun track beater to me. Sure it's a low-end Porsche but it was still made in Stuttgart and it still corners like a slot car, The FC3S was called a 924/944 knock-off when it arrived. And it was.

/end Porsche fanboy mode.

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