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Huge 13b lot from storage unit

mazda p5 2003
Hi all,
I've always wanted an RX-7, but have yet to own one. I unexpectedly picked up a 13B motor with turbo in a storage unit auction. There are various other parts as well. It looks like the motor will need to be rebuilt and knowing nothing of the history of the car, I can't say if the owner was going to rebuild or perhaps its a perfectly good engine from a wrecked vehicle....

Anyways, anyone got ideas for how/where to sell this stuff? I can post pictures later today if it helps. Seems likes motors can be pretty valuable on ebay, but I'd prefer to avoid selling there if possible.



Swollen Member
I'd sell it on the RX-7 club. I'm sure those guys can tell you what exactly it is and what it's worth. There are a lot of 13B variants out there and yours might be worth something.

Cool score. Post a pic!

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