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GerardPRO5 said:

are they affiliated with the J. Paul Getty Museum?

The Getty Conservation Institute is part of the Getty Museum...I don't know if Getty Images is or not.
You're right, GI isn't affiliated with the museum, but our company started with $$ from one of the family members, hence the name.


Staff Research Associate at the Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley. I'm an archaeologist, but most of my time is spent on lab and equipment management, administrative dreck, and tech support.


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I am a software engineer for a web weather company based out of Madison, WI. We do personal forecasts for subscribers for about 60 TV stations across the country. You subscribe, enter an address, we calculate a latitude/longitude and give a forecast as close to your home as we can.

In addition we have a Premium Pay service which gives you visual model output, a Storm Tracker that will alert you when a storm of your settings is approaching a location, and other things.

I do mainly client/server programming and 2d graphics programming in C++, and a lot of web stuff to get my graphics in our webpages and be interactive...

I imagine SOME BODY here is subscribed to our service at some TV station :).

I'm a pimp.

I pimp out my soul to clients trained in Business Management rather than Visual Communication who want to butcher and hack my designs and creative inspirations into boring, tradional pieces of media trash. "Can you make that Price Point bigger?", "Will you add a drop shadow to that?"

I'm currently interview for a better position and I swear when I get it I'm going to walk around my office and pull a scene from Half Baked going to all 150 people saying "Fuck You, Fuck You, Your Cool, Fuck You,... I'm Out!"


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AFaceInTheCrowd said:
i sell The Worlds Finest Kitchen Cutlery. is anyone in southern cali interested?
My friend did that ... for a week. You get paid just to give the presentation right? He tried to get me to ask my mom to request a presentation.


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I work as a civilian for the government. Thats all I have to say about that.

My wife also serves her country in the U.S. Air Force.


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She is normally stationed at Eglin AFB Florida, but right now she is at BDAB.

I work at Eglin AFB myself also.


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I work for Sony Playstation. Early on this thread someone said they sell video games at EB Games...

Well I am the Sony Man that visits his store (well not HIS store, but his stores in Jersey and Philly)...I see whats up, let them know the vital info. Decorate with pretty boxes and posters, give out free shit...

And then the rest of the day, I just play play play...


This is fun.

Project Engineer - Kellogg Brown & Root

We build refineries, chemical plants and try to patch up Iraq.
web specialist for a very large company that provides realtime stockmarket data and news all round the world. I basically am in charge of any product that is accessible over the internet. So I have my hands in a lot of stuff. But its fun because we are always using the latest and greatest equipment.

I also run a business out of my home doing a lot of professional print work for various modeling agencies and also web development and video work.

Pretty fun jobs overall. Funny how I am doing this with a BA in Bio.