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How to tell difference between FSDE and FSZE?

Mazda, 2002 Protege5, FS-DE
Hey all,

First time posting so excuse me if it's in the wrong area.

My P5 took a dump on me with 329k on the clock and it's time for a new motor. I'm gong to ultimately rebuild the current motor but have time constraints so I just need to get a motor in asap. I have an FSDE in it but when I go to look up motors for sale, I see FSDE or FSZE labels (in various ads for the motors) they visually look the same to me (save for a few things here and there on the intake manifold). I tried googling the "FSxxxxx" number I see on some of the blocks but that doesn't indicate whether it's an FSDE/ZE block or not (that I can tell). Wikipedia didn't help either.

Does anyone know of a quick way to tell if the block is a FSDE/ZE?

Thanks .

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