How to set fuel economy display when ignition goes off

Mazda CX9 MY18
Hi all, I have a 2017 CX9 - I'm not in the car right now so forgive me if I don't use the exact terminology. So in the infotainment/application/fuel economy, you can have a look at the iloop battery energy gathering status, the istop current and history, then finally the average fuel consumption, current and history.

There is an option in the settings to display that screen when the ignition of the car goes from on to off. That's working fine, but I just can't figure out how we can choose between the three displays? At the moment, I'm getting the istop. When I first got the car, I was getting iloop and now, I want the average fuel but have no idea who to change. I can't even go back to the iloop as I did before.