2007~2015 How to replace the suction and return power steering hoses on a 2009 CX-9 Touring FWD

Hello, the dealer has reported that there is a small power steering fluid leak in the power steering hose (assumed rubber) between the reservoir and the power steering pump. They wanted to charge us over $800 dollars for the repair. My husband and feel we could replace this hose ourselves however when trying to see what's going on there are several obstructions so we don't have a clear view to determine if we can do it or not.

I figured I'd ask the experts. Certain things such as radiator hoses, batteries, etc. one can change themselves pretty easily. From the power steering reservoir there is a small hose heading toward the front of the car then down underneath. The other hose, larger in size drops down toward the rear near the back of the engine, this is the area where the leak is coming from. There's not a clear view where these hoses go or how/where they connect.

Is this something we have to disassemble many things before we can actually get to the area to replace the hoses, like in tear out half the motor? or with a little work is this something we should be able to tackle having reasonably good mechanical skills? We've tried using my compact mirror to help see what's going from standing over the front of the car and trying to look underneath.

If someone would be kind enough to give us some insight we'd be very grateful.