How to remove rear bumper rear wiper motor

protege 5
Hi everyone,

I want to take off my rear bumper but I never done this be4. Can anyone tell me how to? By the way, I'm doing this because my rear bumper is drooping (about an inch) and I wanna try to fix it. Some idiot bumped my car while it was parked and think that something just bent cause it's stay still and looks firm. Can I fix that or I have to grab anything or some clip in the junkyard before I start?

Another thing, could some1 tell me how I get to remove my rear wiper motor? Mine looked seized and I don't want to force it since it's on the rear windshield. I know there's a way to reach the motor behind the trunk door, but I don't know how to access it and I don't wanna rip everything off!

Sorry, I sounds like a blond! But I never touched a car before and I don't wanna rip it cause I love it. I got it 2 years ago, I'm second owner, Car been reliable and still strong but things start to wear out now!


For the bumper have a look in the service manual (specifically this), it provides good instructions with pictures.

For the rear wiper motor, you have to remove a large nut hidden under the cap where the wiper arm attaches to the output shaft. Then you remove the trim on the back of the hatch (the plastic just pops off) and unbolt the motor. See the following for more info:

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