How-To Quick Links (sticky version)

03.5 YLW MSP
"How-To" Quick Links

Protege - Wheel Bearing Replacement
Protege - Rear Caliper Removal & Pad (disc) Replacement
MP3 - Front Pad/Rotor Change (No 56K) (UPDATED)
Replace Front Caliper Dust and Piston Seals
Universal - Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Universal - bleed your brakes, clutch, etc ALONE!
Universal - Paint your rusty brake rotors
Unviseral - Paint Brake Calipers
Universal - Repair curb rash and paint rims

Protege - Install Hydra Motorsports gauge rings
Mazda3 - PTP Kicker Mount How-to
Protege - 626 Headers on 2.0 Protege
Protege - KLZE Swap
Protege - UDP Install
Protege - FS-DE Camshaft Installation
Protege - VTCS Removal and Porting
Protege - Side inserts installation
Protege - Ebay FMIC Setup
Protege - Prodigy's How-to Rebuild Your Transmission (G15M-R)
Protege - How To Change Manual-Transmission Fluid
Protege - WGA (wastegate actuator) replacement.
Protege - Timing Belt
Protege - SMIC HOW TO: Circuit Sport SMIC
Protege - Custom Cold Air Intake
Protege - remounting overflow tank with stock brackets
Protege - Intake Manifold Installation, Removal, Thermal Spacer Instructions
Protege - CP Racing STB in a P5
Protege - Racing Beat rear Sway bar on P5/ES
Protege - Install GHL Turboback
Protege - Install a MX-6 Rear Strut Tower Bar in a Protege5
Protege - Install a MX-6 rear strut tower bar in your Protege sedan
Protege - How To: EGR Removal and Cleaning, Rough Idle Fix
Protege - Kill your turkeys
Protege - AWR Rear Mount Install -- Instructions
Protege - S-pipe removal, w/out turbo removal
Protege - Turbo Oil Lines
Protege - Install In-Tank Fuel Pump
Universal - Build your own Vacuum manifold
Universal - How to Sea Foam your Engine.
Universal - How-To Beading Intercooler Piping...
Universal - Install Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Universal - Boost Pressure Tester
Universal - Painting Valve Cover
Universal - How to Paint Valve Cover and Exhaust Heatshield Manifold Part 1
Universal - Auto Tranny Flush
Universal - DIY filled motor mounts
Universal - Clean Your MAF Sensor
Universal - CEL/MIL Eliminator!
Universal - bleed your brakes, clutch, etc ALONE!
Universal - Change your Oil
=Install Header
install Protosport Downpipe
change valve springs
Remove/Install Tranny and LSD or disassemble gears
Progress 22mm Rear Swaybar Installation
Spark Plug Install
cure Cel/Mil from removing cat with Non-Fouler
2.0 NA Header Installation
MZ3/MS3 -OEM alarm shock sensor upgrade
Mazda6 - 2.3L Thermostat replacement

Protege - Rear Strut Bar in a Sedan
Protege - Install Racing Beat RSB / Clunk Fix
Protege - Bumper Removal for Protege5/MSP/MP3 w/ pics!!!
Protege - How To: Replace Front Sway Bar Bushings on a p5
Protege - Front Wheel Bearing Service
Protege - Fix your trunk leak!
Home Depot Lip
Custom Sway Bar End links
Restoring faded paint
How-to: Make & install your own Mud flaps / guards for less than $5
Fix a plastic bumper
How to remove Vinyl graphics
Underbody Braces
Roof rack removal
Use 93-96 Mazda MX6 rear strut tower bar for a P5
Removing Back Badges and Filling Holes (mp5)
Install DG Motorsports AutoExe Replica Grille
H&R springs(on a P5)
stop the rattle in L+R rear bumpers in P5
MSP FSB Install
P5 Bumper/03.5 Lip On ES/LX
Install Autoexe Wing and Brake LED relocation
Remove Roof Rack (P5)
How do you remove The stock MSP grill?
Shaving Side moldings
Remove your 03.5 MSP lip
M6 Wagon Wiper on P5
Stop the P5 spoiler from rattling!
JDM Style Front Upper Grill
Instuctions On How To Install Tein Springs
How To: Lowering Spring Install
MS6 - Rear subframe/suspension removal step by step

Protege - Install Hydra Motorsports gauge rings
HID Projector Headlights
Protege - Retrofit HID projectors into P5 headlights
Protege5 TSX Projector Retrofit
Protege - Projector/HID Retrofit Into Protege Headlights
Protege - AEM F/IC Install
Protege - How to Program Keyless Entry
Protege - Gauge Cluster Bezel by Maxx Mazda
Protege - TurboXS Knocklite
Protege - City Lights Mod for P5 v1
Protege - City Lights Mod for P5 v2
How to upholster your Protg/MP3/MSP
Protege - fog lights always on
Protege - how to foglight mod. *with pics*
Protege - Custom Shifter Boot
Protege - JDM OEM foot lamps installed!
Protege - Gauge Cluster Disassembly
MS6 - How-To: Gauge Pod (MINIMAL to no damage method)
KDC-MP919 Ribon cable repair info
How-To: LED interior/reverse/licence plate light
MSP - SS AFC Install How-To
MS3 - Install an external amp with BOSE HU (Pre-Amps)
MS3 - How to hard wire radar dectector
change fog light bulbs
Gauge cluster removal
Locked Out Prevention Circuit
Painting Interior Pieces
Aftermarket Seat Install (Recaro SRD)
Joe MBC Complete Install with pictures
pull Front door speaker wire...
Stock head unit with RCA outs (P5)
Swap Tachometer with Aftermarket Gauge
Greddy Profec B Spec 2 HOW TO
auto turn off head/parking lights
Gauge Disassembly
Installing Fog Lights (w/ pictures)
Haltech Max Boost Pressure Adjustment with Haltec Boost Controller
Kill Door Chime
Replacing A/C Control Panel LEDs
Gauge Dim With Cluster Dimmer
Keyless Entry Bypass
Installing different sized speakers in your car
3rd Gen Variable Intermittent Wiper Mod
Install MAM master door lock bezel
Automatic unlock doors when you pull the lever
Protege - MSP Sub/Amp Rack install on a P5
install Celica style clear bumper lenses on your P5
rewire fogs for always on
Greddy Full Auto-timer Install
Make and install your own GROUND WIRE KIT
Install an Autometer Boost Guage
1st Grounding Kit for MSP
Electric Window Mod for Always On
Install an amp wiring kit
Wire Interior Neons
Wire Fogs on a 2003.5 MSP
Water Temp gauge installation
Remove center Dash trim (Radio surround)
Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge install
One Touch Auto-opening Moonroof
Solution To Flickering Fan Speed 2 Or 3 A/c
Disabling Automatic A/C - Defrost modes
Tint your turn Signals (or Tail Lights)
headlight black out for P5
CANADIAN fogs on/ DRL off
install short shifter
Change Your Horn
replace headlight bulbs
Protege - P5 Rear Door Panel Removal
HKS type 0 Install
Protege - Essential Speed Stage 1&2 for your MSP
Protege5 Fiberglass Subwoofer box
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I agree all mods who move a how-to link in this section needs to post a link in this thread
can someone make a how to on making signal light side mirror and or auto foldable when lock and unlocking the car? i might get one and dont know ho wto do it myself and i m new here so it wont let me make a thread.


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can someone make a how to on making signal light side mirror and or auto foldable when lock and unlocking the car? i might get one and dont know ho wto do it myself and i m new here so it wont let me make a thread.
hahaha thats IF sumone decides to do this mod, there will be a DIY on it, otherwise ur best source would be google or professional install or friend that knows how to work electricals. ^_^


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excellent thread, i'm gonna use it for sure in the next week. is there any way to put the pics back in? got a lotta red x's in there. thanks, everybody, rod


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I felt no need to make a new thread about what I just wrote up because its pretty much covered in the UDP install thread but if you would like to just link this single post go ahead. LINK