How-To program Mazda CX-9 auto door locks (speed or gear activated)?


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In the U.S. GT that I have, auto-lock can be changed between a few choices via the infotainment system.
I have mine set to lock when driving, and not unlock automatically.
There are settings the unlock all doors when placed in "park" or when the engine is shut down.

Can't say for the Australian version ... information should be in your owner's manual.
Thank you Turborascal.

I've checked the Door Lock settings in the infotainment system and do not have the option for auto-lock. I have the following:
- Keyless Lock Beep Vol
- Auto Relock Time
- Walk Away Lock
- Reset

I suspect it may have to do with the Infotainment version number - currently 58.00.251 4A N.

Anyone else in AU with this issue?

Thank you
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I stoped testing this kind of hacks. Once I tried to unlock the ECU of ford 150 for a performance boost. After few months my boy ended in junkyard.
Mazda CX-9 2018
If you have one for CX-9 2018, that will be great. I have no idea why Mazda messed the whole thing up for 2018 models. There isn't even an option to auto-lock in any mode (parking / moving ). For anyone asking, YES, I have checked every single and each option in the infotainment system but found nothing. FW is 59.00.504. The option for door-locks only has auto-lock car when away. This is frustrating, indeed! Why, Mazda!? :/