How-to: Permanently fix the "no A/C on fan speed 2/3" problem


2011 MX5 GT
AWESOME!! i'm going to try this out this weekend. hopefully, i'll be able to use my AC again...
i know...and it's like the blower doesnt turn on at speed 1!!!
Sounds like you cut the wrong blue/yellow wire.

Have a good look at the pictures (you can actually see both of them), you want the wire that's part of the black climate control connector, NOT the white fan speed switch connector.
^x2 now fixed it up fans worked for a hot second and now no speeds work
So now the fan doesn't work, or the A/C doesn't work?

If the fan isn't working at all, then you might have popped the HEATER fuse (40A in the engine compartment fuse box) or the A/C fuse (15A in the in-car fuse box).

If the fan works, but you have no A/C then you either swapped the resistors (installing the 220 Ohm in place of the 470 Ohm) or you didn't connect the ground wire.


2002 Mazda Protege5
All is good now. Turns out I cut a wire while I was splicing. So I spliced the 2 ends and crimped on some extra wire. No mas flickering even while switching speeds. 2 is honestly the best speed. Not too much and not as weak as one.


03 Protege5
Did this the other day, no more flicky light. Good write up and my wife thanks you because now I may let her turn on the AC!