How-To: Installing Fog Lights (w/ pictures)


03.5 Protege5
Yellow '03 5-Speed MP5
hey, i just installed yellow fogs on my car! woot. i cant wait for the sun to go down so i can check them out. i have a quick question. when i put the left fog light back on i put one washer on each side of the bar instead of both on the side the nut goes that ok? i didnt realize it til i moved onto the right light. i attached a pic so you know what i mean.

the hardest part i think was getting the stupid 14mm nut to break lose. and then after that is getting the little blue pin back in, that thing was a pain. well let me know if the situation w/ the nuts (lmao) is ok.


2002 P5
This was a great "how to". If only the 14mm bolts on mine weren't rusted tight it would've worked great! Had to remove bumper and remove fog light assembly via the 3 8mm bolts on the backside of the bumper. At least now if another set get smashed they'll be easy to do.


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2003 Protege ES 2.0
1 of the screws holding the circular glass cover to the fog assembly is rusted and stripped, any ideas on how to remove? i'm afraid to drill it out cuz of the glass.
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So, based on this writeup would it be correct to assume that the fog-light glass can be replaced without having to purchase a whole new fog-light? Is the glass itself even available as a standalone part?


03 protege lx
nice write up quick question, i have 03 protege lx and i have the stock foglights for this model i plan on switching the front bumper for the msp3.5 w/ the oval foglights what would i need to do to make the oval msp3.5 foglights turn on? would my previous wiring work? thanks.
2003 Mazda Protege5
what about HID`s?
Ever think about doing a How To to install HID fog lights?
unless there is already a good one out there already?


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HID fogs would be overkill. Plus like above said post. HID Bulbs would be too long to fit in the stock foglight housings. You'd have to do some modification of the housing, or just get some aftermarket fogs that are deep enough to fit a HID bulb.
2003 Mazda Proteg 5
6 years later, this guide is still golden!
Just finished putting in yellow fogs; thanks! (band)