How-To: Installing Fog Lights (w/ pictures)

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Ok, I installed my new foglights and wrote up a how-to with pictures. The install takes about 5-10 minutes per bulb.

Tools Required:
14mm crescent wrench
Philips screwdriver
Flat Head screwdriver
Something to lift up the car (ie ramps or jack)

Step 1:
Lift up the car and locate the panels that are under each foglight. Remove the two screws that hold the panel in place. You can then pull back the panel and gain access to the back of the foglight.

See picture 1

Step 2:
Remove the one bolt that holds the fog light in place with a 14mm crescent wrench. It might be on tight, but you should be able to break it free pretty easily.

See picture 2

Step 3:
Pull the fog light out of the car as far as you can. You don't have much slack, but you will be able to expose a blue clip that sits right behind the fog light.

See picture 3

Use the flathead screwdriver to pop the blue clip backwards. Then you can pull the foglight out even farther, and you will be able to see the blue clip on the wire harness.

See picture 4

Step 4:
Use the philips screwdriver to remove the two screws that hold the glass onto the body of the foglight.

See picture 5


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2003.5 Black MP5
Step 5:
Once both screws are out, you can pull the glass off the body of the fog light. You will see a metal clip that holds the bulb in place. It works the same way as the ones that hold the low-beams in place. Undo the metal clip and pull it all the way back so that you can remove the bulb.

See picture 6

Step 6:
The H3 bulbs have an attached wire. Disconnect that wire from the plug and remove the bulb. Put your new bulb in, connect the wire, and push the metal clip back into place. When putting the new bulb in, you will notice that the metal flange has a half-circle indentation on side and a square indentation on the other side. This makes it so the bulb has only 1 correct orientation.

Step 7:
Put it all back together. Put the two screws back into the foglight to attach the glass to the body. Push the blue clip back into place. Put the foglight back into the car and secure it with the nut. Put the two screws that attached the plastic panel back into place. Replace the other bulb using the same directions.

Hope this is clear!


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Thanks for a nno nonsense write up. Which bulbs did u replace them with. Ive been thinkin bout replacing mine with some yellow Piaa's or Hella bulbs. Ultimately would love to get some SRs. but dont wanna spend 130+
2003.5 Black MP5
hey, check out the other thread in the P5 section. I am going to post pics of the bulbs in just a minute

I used Luminics JDM yellow. They are amazingly bright.


totally could have used this when i put my silverstars in. i did it in the dark and i didn't know about the blue tab. i did it with no slack at all. really sucked. nice write up man


protege 5. hells ya.
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thanks for the great how to...sure helped me when i installed my new fog lamp.
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if your car isn't lowered you wont need any ramps. did it today. Thanks for the how to post. good stuff.


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Thanks for the great how-to! I took my fogs out today using this process to install rockBlocker film. Really only takes about 10mins a side to get them out (including time to jack up car). Great stuff!

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